Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cheese of the month: Sussex Charmer

Sussex Charmer is an award winning British cheese produced by Bookham's Farm, Sussex. It is a relatively new cheese and uses milk from a mixed herd of grass fed cows.

The taste is a cross between a mature Cheddar and Parmesan, hence the name "Charmer". This taste is due to the fact that a combination of parmesan- and cheddar-making techniques are used to produce the cheese. Sussex Charmer is matured for 12 months and is then sold in handy cubes of 200g.

It has a hard, crumbly texture and can be used in any way that Cheddar or Parmesan can- on pasta, pizzas, in sauces, and makes fabulous cheese on toast. So fabulous in fact, that Bookhams have their own cheese-on-toast-mobile which caters at events around the South East.

To find out whether it is available to you locally check out this link:

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