Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Penne with Dolcelatte, Spring Greens, and Crunchy Walnut Topping

Serves 2 - 3


-200g penne
-100g chopped spring greens
-100g dolcelatte cheese, chopped into cubes
-100ml double cream
-100g chopped walnuts
-Handful of breadcrumbs

1. Preheat the grill. Spread the breadcrumbs and half the chopped walnuts on a baking tray, and toast for 2 - 3 minutes or until crunchy. Keep warm. 
2. Cook the penne according to packet instructions in a large saucepan. 3-4 minutes before the end, add the spring greens to the pan. Drain, and then return to the pan.
3. Over a gentle heat, add the rest of the ingredients to the pasta and spring greens and stir gently to create a creamy sauce. Season to taste, and serve topped with the crunchy walnuts. 

This makes a quick mid-week meal and is a good way to use up veg box greens. I seem to be getting them every week at the moment, and I am running out of ideas of how to use them! You could also use spinach, or any other blue cheese instead of the dolcelatte.

I have recently discovered Presto Pasta Nights , so I am submitting this recipe for this week's roundup hosted by Pictures of All My Princesses


  1. So glad you found Presto Pasta Nights and thanks for joining in the fun. I do hope you plan on entering often. I love this pasta - now I just have to hunt for dolcelatte - otherwise I'll be using Dragon's Breath Blue cheese - a local Nova Scotian treasure.

  2. Hi Ruth

    Thanks! I think it would be even more delicious with a local blue cheese :-)

    I will definitely be entering again, I eat a lot of pasta!