Monday, September 5, 2011

Foodie France

I have just got back from two weeks holiday in sunny France. Here is a selection of photos of foodie moments I enjoyed during my time in the sud-ouest. I love exploring the local markets and always find something new to try each time I go. I am missing it already!

A very special sheeps cheese from a small organic cheese producer in the Aveyron.

Rabastens market, Tarn

One of many cheese stands at Rabastens market

Colourful veg stand at Rabastens market

One of the many fabulous cheese boards I indulged in.... from this particular one I discovered Delices de Bourgogne (bottom right corner), a very soft cheese almost the texture of whipped cream

Loin de l'oeil grapes harvested from my Mum's 'vineyard'

Olive stand at Gaillac market, Tarn

Gaillac market

Boulangerie window in Salers, Cantal

Perfect lunch in Salers - salad with local cheeses (cantal, bleu d'auvergne, potatoes, tomatoes and walnuts on bed of lettuce)
Having a glass of Cahors in a picturesque spot

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