Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Night Creamy Cheesy Pasta Treat

After some weeks at work, when it comes to Friday all I feel like doing is eating cheesy pasta in front of a film (served with a chilled glass of white wine, obviously). I don't do it every Friday, but it's just my way of relaxing. It has to be cheesy and it has to be quick and easy.

This recipe is inspired by the classic Italian pasta dish Cacio e Pepe, which is fat spaghetti mixed with grated pecorino and lots and lots of black pepper. I have used vegetarian parmesan in this recipe and added a dash of cream.

Serves 2


-200g spaghetti
-150ml double cream
-100g finely grated parmesan
-As much freshly ground black pepper as you dare, ideally around 2 tbsp (it needs to have a kick to it)

1. Cook the spaghetti according to packet instructions, then drain reserving some of the cooking water. 
2. In a large pan, heat the cream with the pepper and a pinch of salt. Tip in the cooked spaghetti with the reserved cooking water, add the cheese and gently heat and stir. 

3. Serve with some extra cheese on top.

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  1. Evivva!! I was just looking for a recipe for this exact thing! Can't wait to try it =)